Firewise and Miscellaneous Cleanup Activites Supported by WVFD

Fire Chief Bryan Smith of the Williamson Valley Fire District has again arranged for dumpsters to be used by local communities including LV Ranch. Two dumpsters were delivered on October 15th; one is located at the fire station and the other by the old corrals in Crossroads Ranch II.

Here are the guidelines for using the dumpsters:
  • Old wire fencing, wood too large to chip, chunks of concrete, old appliances, brush and general junk.
  • No items considered toxic or environmentally sensitive - no paint or chemicals, motor oil or other automotive liquids, flammable liquids, explosives, batteries, dead animals, whole tires, appliances containing freon.
  • Please place brush next to the dumpsters. The fire department will utilize the county chipper to reduce the brush to mulch.
Please Note:
  • If you would like the county chipper to come to your property, call the fire district office (928.717.2304) to get on the list; exact dates for the chipper are unknown at this time.
  • A WVFD firefighter will bring the chipper to you and operate it. All chipped "mulch" will be discharged back onto your property. The chipper is very heavy - pile your "chip-ables" near a solid surface. This opportunity will save you money and time - no need to pay for haulage and dump fees at the transfer station or spend time and effort burning piles.
if you'd like a fire wise assessment of your property to guide you in trimming / clearing, please contact Karen Austermiller (928-379-3070) or WVFF Sean Kauffman (602-790-7954) for a complementary assessment. You can also call the Fire Station at 928-717-2304 to request an assessment.


In The Event of a Wildfire…

Due to the extended drought and extremely dry conditions throughout Arizona and the West, the threat of a wildfire in the vicinity of Las Vegas Ranch Estates has increased. It is important that you know what to do in the event of a local wildfire. Click here to see suggestions on how to respond to a threatening wildfire, some reading material on what to have ready in case of evacuation, information on animal evacuations, and a map with escape routes.


Poachers at LV Ranch

Poachers were seen at about 2AM on Easter morning on Camp Wood Road at the east boundary of LV Ranch Estates. Spotlighting was observed, a shot was fired, and the fence into the State Trust Land north of the road was cut. No kill was detected the following morning.

If you see suspected poachers, call the AZ F&G poaching hotline at 800.352.0700 or the Yavapai County Sheriff Dispatcher at 928.771.3260. If possible, note the make, model and license of the vehicle. However, do not confront the poachers; they have guns and illegal intent.Link Test


Rules and Regulations Adopted on April 13, 2018

In December 2017, the LV Ranch POA Board established a committee to evaluate and remedy issues and potential problems not adequately addressed by the original Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions document (CC&R’s). The committee submitted a Draft Rules and Regulations document to the Board for its review and made the document available to LV Ranch Estates owners for questions and comments. After some minor changes to the Draft document, the Rules and Regulations document was adopted by the Board on April 13, 2018.


Apron Requirement for New Construction

As our community grows, an increase in residential and construction traffic will have an adverse effect on our roads. To avoid potential damage to our roads, the Board of Directors and the Architectural Review Committee will require a concrete or an asphalt driveway apron to be installed prior to any new construction in Las Vegas Ranch Estates.

Also, a parcel owner is responsible for damage to the roads as a result of misuse or abuse by the parcel owner, his guests, or an agent performing work on his behalf.

here to see the formal notification from the Board of Directors concerning the apron requirement and parcel owners' potential liability for road damage. You can find other important documents relative to parcel ownership and home construction at LV Ranch Estates on the Documents page.


New Assessment Collection Policy Adopted

To better streamline HOAMCO's efforts in collection of Assessments, an updated Collection Policy was adopted by the Board, effective May 1, 2017. To view this Policy and other important Las Vegas Ranch POA documents, see the Documents page.



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Road Damage Alert!

Our "chip seal" roads are not built to meet state or county requirements and the edges can be easily damaged. This photo illustrates the damage to our roadway caused by inattentive driving.  Over a foot of pavement width has been lost at this location on Las Vegas Ranch Road.  Please try to avoid driving near the edge of road.

Contact the Board

If you want to add an item to the board meeting agenda or if for any other reason you need to contact a member of the board, click here to contact Cindy Leath of Hoamco; she will forward your message to the board. For names of the Board members, click here.


Camera Trap Photos

Here is a photo of a bobcat taken with a camera trap at Las Vegas Ranch. For more camera trap photos, click here.
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Got Agricultural Tax Status?

Las Vegas Ranch Estates is included in the property leased by the Barney York Ranch for cattle grazing. As a result, most parcels at Las Vegas Ranch qualify for agricultural tax status which provides a significant reduction in property tax bills. However, a review of the public tax records indicates some of you are not taking advantage of this tax.

To apply for agricultural tax status, follow these three steps:
  1. Contact Mark (Tiny) or Cathy Kenson (, 928.713.7221), owners of the Barney York Ranch, for a sub-lease (grazing) agreement for your parcel.
  2. Complete an Agricultural Land Use Application form.
  3. File this form, along with the completed sub-lease agreement, with the Yavapai County Assessor’s office, located at 1015 Fair Street in Prescott.
You must file by June 1st to be eligible for agricultural classification the following year. If you have questions, contact either Linda Bruner ( or Todd Harris ( at the Yavapai County Agricultural Department (928.771.3220).

Note: Current agricultural leases are good through April 2017. In December of this year, if you already have a lease, you will get a letter with a new lease that will be good for five (5) years. It is your responsibility to provide the lease to the County and give proof of that to the Kensons by April, 2017. If owners put up fencing, that is an issue between the owner and the county and the Kensons are not involved. New owners must contact the Kensons if they wish to obtain a new lease.


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