Second Stage of Road Work in LV Ranch Estates Underway

October 26, 2015. The first stage of the maintenance work on Las Vegas Ranch roads was completed in mid August by Ralph Istwan and the Las Vegas Ranch Road Committee. The first stage consisted of the application of a quick drying, sanded asphalt sealer on all roadway cracks. 

The second stage involves road slurry seal work for Las Vegas Road from Fair Oaks to Camp Wood Road and includes both entryways.  Work began with equipment staging on Wednesday, October 14th and sealing began a few days later. The work is still on-going. 

Please slow down and drive carefully when you see our road crew at work. Please observe all changes in traffic patterns as indicated by directional cones.  The coating takes approximately one hour to dry before driving on it can resume.  
Thanks for your support. Ralph Istwan, Road Committee Chairman
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