Pre-History and Archaeology

Many small prehistoric Indian dwellings of the Prescott Culture (circa A.D. 900-1300) are scattered throughout Las Vega Ranch. Abundant evidence of these prehistoric Indians exists in the form of pot shards, arrow points, and tools (mano, metates, scrapers, grinders, etc.). If you are lucky you can occasionally find turquoise and pipestone ornaments, beads and seashells.

Two significants sites have been excavated in Las Vegas Ranch. The results of these excavations as well as an excellent discussion of the Prescott Culture are reported in the publication by Franklin Barnett (1978) titled: "Las Vegas Ranch Ruin-East and Las Vegas Ranch Ruin-West, Two Small Prehistoric Prescott Indian Culture Ruins in West Central Arizona." You can obtain a copy by contacting the Museum of Northern Arizona.
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