General Information

Las Vegas Ranch Estates offers some of northern Arizona's finest land for sale. The community's development standards assure owners the value of their real estate investment near Prescott, Arizona will endure for generations.

Unlike many ranch developments, LV Ranch Estates applied the high standards typically used in "closer in" upscale developments. The attention to detail in the planning, roads and utilities of LV Ranch Estates creates the perfect setting for a unique family compound or a Prescott, Arizona horse property.


Good planning starts with good base data. LV Ranch Estates planning started with a boundary survey (the first ever for the property) and an aerial survey of 16 square miles of the ranch to develop a 4' topographic map. With this "topo info" we sited the roads around hills, left undisturbed environmentally sensitive areas, and identified and preserved the very best home sites.

A unique feature is the 100' wide road rights-of-way. These extra wide ROWs permitted in-the-field road alignment adjustments to preserve specimen trees. As a result the plan subtly integrates roads into the environment, leaving the unpaved portions of the ROWs as horse trails.


Las Vegas Ranch Estates roads were built to endure. They start with a compacted sub-base of native material. Then an 8" thick aggregate base course (commonly known as AB or ABC) from a county approved material source was placed over the 15+ miles of LV Ranch Estates roads. The roads were then double chip sealed for a smooth, paved, dust-free surface.


Electric. The electric lines are underground keeping the horizon free of unsightly power poles. Electricity is provided by APS, Arizona's largest electric supplier.

Telephone and InternetMTE Communications provides excellent telephone and internet capability via a fiber optic network installed throughout Las Vegas Ranch Estates.

Water. Williamson Valley is blessed with abundant groundwater. Each Las Vegas Ranch Estate parcel has an existing well; flows average about 37 gallons per minute, many, many more times what a family might conceivably use.

Gates and Fences

The ranch entry gates are electronically activated by a remote signaling device (proximity card or remote control) or can be opened by an owner remotely via the directory telephone keypad.
The entire perimeter of LV Ranch Estates was re-fenced. The five mile entry road uses cedar posts and "stays" salvaged from Phase I and II road clearing.

Plat Map

For a plat map of Las Vegas Ranch Estates, see the Appendix of the CCRs.
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