Small Footprint

LV Ranch consists of several diverse plant communities that provide habitat for a wide assortment of wildlife species.  Except for a few homes and the associated LV Ranch infrastructure, the area is mostly pristine and undisturbed.  That is a large part of the appeal of LV Ranch and contributes significantly to the value of our property and surrounding properties.  

There are steps we can take to preserve the ecological diversity of LV Ranch, minimize our footprint, and protect our future property values:
  • Minimize habitat destruction. While some thinning of shrubs and junipers might be necessary in some areas, removal of native shrubs and trees reduces the ecological diversity, removes important wildlife habitat, potentially degrades the overall health of the ecosystem, and invites the introduction of noxious (e.g., Russian Knapweed) and undesirable vegetation. Also, vegetation, especially woody vegetation, is important to the control of erosion from significant precipitation events.
  • Minimize the indiscriminate use of herbicides and pesticides.
  • Be careful with fire and take the appropriate steps to protect your home from grass and forest fires.
  • Address potential problems created by invasive pests and weeds quickly and appropriately (e.g., Pinyon Needle Scale).

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