Noxious Weeds

Fortunately, Las Vegas Ranch currently has few noxious and invasive weed species; mostly these weeds are limited to roadways and disturbed sites. For more information on noxious weeds, see the Yavapai County Native and Naturalized Plants website.

Since most of the weeds currently occur singly or in small clumps, mechanical control (i.e., digging up the plant) is effective.

A more problematic plant, especially with regard to cattle, horses, and pets, is not a weed but a bunchgrass: Foxtail Barley.

Once seeds form, awns extending from the seed can abrade or become lodged in the skin, mouth, nose and eyes of grazing livestock. Pets are especially vulnerable as foxtail can penetrate the skin and cause serious infections.

Currently, Foxtail appears to be restricted to the roadways in Las Vegas Ranch but it spreads easily especially in wetter years. It can be controlled by repeated mechanical removal. For more information, click here.
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